Denver Bites! Ep.5: DJ Low Key

It has been a little while since episode 4 was released in November of 2018, but lo and behold episode 5 is here!

As you may or may not know, DJ Low Key has been a fixture in the Denver Hip-Hop scene for awhile now, curating two different events. One is called The Solution with DJ Lowkey and partner in crime DJ LazyEyez, and the other is called Goodness, a summer party with all kinds of guest appearances.

Putting together a night of music that people look forward to all week and make sure to attend is not an easy thing to do, so having not one but two events that are successful is quite an accomplishment. As you’ll hear in the interview below, it takes continued commitment to make it happen, and Lowkey is just the guy for the job.

And now, for our feature presentation…

Episode 5 of Denver Bites! is below, where you get to learn more about the person known as DJ Low Key. Enjoy!

P.S: Shout-out to the amazing artwork in the background of the interview, the artist behind such dope works goes by the name of The Signtologist, out of Denver. Go check out his really fresh pieces of work. Thanks for watching!


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