NaPoWriMo Poem #10: Scrolling Kills Belief

By Daniel Paiz

Similar to yesterday’s piece about energy, today’s piece is going to be about belief in oneself. Honestly there can be a fine line between confidence and cockiness/ego; sometimes things can also go the other way with lack of belief. Whatever it is that inspires you, hold onto it and use that in order to pursue whatever it is you truly wish to do in life.

Scrolling Kills Belief

The fact that nearly none of us

remembers our log-ins is sad,

not because it means we have short-term

memory loss at a young age,

but we aren’t even engaged in our addictions of choice.

It’s strange,

and not the Tech Nine choppa kind but instead,

the one with Things in the 1970s I’m,

rambling about another topic because

I can’t focus on this,


Does getting 100 likes/shares/retweets

make you feel better

for more than 3.2 seconds?

You know that answer all too well and yet

you let your twisted sense of pride swell,

to levels you yourself don’t even like! Well,


Here’s a solution. Confusion, delusion,

any words you want to pick from a dictionary,

Go ahead, now please go and look for synonyms

of the following:

belief, confidence, self-worth, hope.

Whichever synonym you found

can boost and compound

that newfound microcosm of a smile

you have by learning.

No learning is not the end-all be-all per se,

but I bet for a moment you believed in

what you just did today.


That leads you and I and everyone we know,

to the very question one tends to

pose when feeling low:

WhY aM i LiKe ThIs?

It’s because of the intentions you

put out there without

realizing what it is that you are doing.

Scrolling is the number one killer

of young people today.

No, there aren’t piles of bodies littering our

morgues and streets and whatnot,

but there are unhappiness levels

that we haven’t seen before.

It’s not because of technology,

it’s because we scroll instead

of actually engaging, feeling emotions

we don’t have constant control over.

Discomfort leads to growth, and

belief in yourself.

Stop scrolling by your own

potential health and wealth.



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