NaPoWriMo Poem #22: Thoughts and Prayers

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes poetry is meant to better display one’s feelings and emotions, thoughts and prayers. Sometimes it is simply meant to better convey a message that one cannot fully express in regular conversation. However you want to use poetry, is pretty much up to you, as long as it has a point. The point of today’s piece is to vent out the endless debates we have about current affairs, in particular those that tend to be ammo-driven.

22 pieces in and there is still so much to write about. If you haven’t taken a chance to write down your thoughts and feelings about whatever is impacting your life, you should do so. It might just help you better process this thing called life.


Thoughts and Prayers

Thought about doing something but

decided to pray instead,

God of course wants you to pray for the dead,

no other reaction seems to comfort one’s head,

who feel helpless in situations dominated by lead,


Poisoned are we by munitions,

kind of a weird link in 2019,

no shaming here but rather

think it deafening,


that this obsession runs rampant,

“We must organize a well-armed militia!”

Yeah okay maybe that worked in 1782,

but guess what?

Surveillance by the Feds has drastically improved,


Do I know a solution?

maybe take away all of the lobbyists,

those profiteers of wars who

don’t care about any of us,


but again it leads back to fragmenting the system,

separating the privileged from their poison,


Circle back to those vices that thoughts and prayers

are supposed to combat,

I’m not doubting just stating facts,

that something more has to be done

after leaving a location that sadly could soon

know black smoke and bricks broken from a blast.


How will you clear your vision to keep yourself intact?

another lit candle.png




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