NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #22: As Earth Rests

By Daniel Paiz

Fifty years of Earth Day falls on the seemingly regular date of April 22nd. One of the rare positives of this COVID-19 virus is the fact that pollution is down, the Earth is stiller due to less human-related activities such as driving and being out and about, and animals are wondering places they haven’t for some time.

While none of us want to continue to stay at home working, passively doing mundane activities to pass time, and getting sick of banana bread and an assortment of cookie recipes, it seems like it’s a good thing. Perhaps giving the planet a much needed rest is something we all remember when we get active again on the spinning blue marble. Hopefully rhymes, haikus, or whatever your poetry of choice you read today convinces you of this.

As Earth Rests

Is it silence or is it peace,

the lack of vibrations are

leading to fewer seismic activities,

encouraging wildlife to forage free,

requiring the instigators to reflect on

who just might be at fault for

the planet’s yo-yo health that’s lunacy,

reflect on everything like the following,


Vortex math taking one to a higher concentration,

Tens are supposed to be perfect,

see why Nines are the motivation.


Thanks to Rakim the god MC.

no that’s not blasphemy,

Cuz while it’s probably a false equivalency

he’s a brother to me


We’re all supposed to be as such,

hippie sentiments out the window

like when you smoke your Dutch,

I can appreciate people having a belief system

that does less damage than Templars or the like,

I don’t pay tithe to institutes from history

that continue to loot and fundraise outta sight,

I take no delight,


In distracting from the fact this pandemic

oddly enough leads us to again look at maps.

Like cartographers we scour the page,

Unlike them we don’t know what’s been laid,

Sage burning to cleanse

I’m straightening my lens,

Pens from Plumas not of a flock,

Poetic holding out hope for this here blue rock.


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