NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #3: Unwind

By Daniel Paiz

These are trying times that we are all living in. Not only because we are in a period that really only comes around once a century, but because of the level of uncertainty surrounding every aspect of our daily lives. Something as simple as what to eat or what to watch provokes further thought then necessary due to considering aspects that didn’t need to be considered before. With that being said, it’s always a good time to vent, to release some pent-up energy, and just unwind.


Compressed together tighter than a patient awaiting results,

Somersaults abound in a mind cluttered with stress,

what a mess of such depth

Unkempt and filled with the worst stench,

Dame Judi Dench scowls about the fragrance,

but it’s not coming from the olfactory department,

It’s that failure one accumulates

from not realizing when a break will resurrect all your sense.


Lucid can be your reality

once you revitalize yourself from the chicanery,

Mastery of unwinding down flights languidly,

Slinking down quite fashionably

late to your date at this time of night it

matters not the rate to relegate scratch that,

Reclaim your soul and mental from attempted castration,

machination of your own iteration is unwound before


Everyone else ever knows, again a reminder that

it’s you and yours that will utilize embers to sow and regrow.


For if you and I constrict our stress not less

It will be Rice Krispies commercials for our minds,

Even Mel Gibson will see the Signs,

Meanwhile the turnstiles are locked while I sought after,

days where moments are just that after this chapter of disaster.

2020napowrimo 3


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