NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #4: Flow

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes when you are writing or creating or working on some sort of project, you reach a space of flow. I’m not one to get too technical on particular terms, but flow is basically that space where things literally come to you as you are crafting whatever endeavor you are spending your time on.

Sometimes, you have to cash in on that flow quickly, because often times that flow trickles down to a blocked passageway to said creativity. With that being said, this is another entry into the rhyme world that lives and reverberates within the mind space that is Poetic Rebel.

Side note, if you read this, and then listen to the song below, and then read it again, you can likely hear what influenced my flow choices below.



Jay being like Talib, while Mike imitating Damaja,

don’t get shy now when rolling are the cameras,

Capturing every moment to craft particular narrative,

Imperative it is to know who’s handling

who you are,

what you know,

Up to you how lyrics represent your glow,

Tributaries drying up before my own flow,


This is clockwork,

gears and levers working in symposium,

Can’t give secrets away like Virbanium,

T’Challa would execute me in a stadium,

Asylum seeking are opponents after words are met,

no private jet yet,

but when it lands it’ll Kraft people

beyond embellishment


Interferon is the result,

a solution CimaVax can’t fix,

understand the best aren’t shipping in solutions,

in the long game beyond self entitlement,

but I’m no Patriot so conclude on your own,

back to my regularly scheduled zone,

and staring at my phone at times comatosed,

Top tier Rose, morose feelings are ghost,


Resurgent like Derrick,

yet hopefully disease isn’t following close,

Heaven knows,

no fury hath existed beyond Virginia Beach bros,

waves of a season screwed up as much as

Colorado heat wave to snow in 24 hours or so,

Egregious, as Harris reactin’ to battles on Fool’s Day,

Flow essentially my pipeline to surviving day to day

-Poetic Rebel




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