NaPoWriMo Poem #17: On Stage

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes stories are the best way to delve into one’s feelings, thoughts, or moments in life slash time. Sometimes haikus do the trick just as well. I haven’t been as adventuresome this year, in particular because this has been one half cathartic for my well-being, one half it’s been exhilarating to challenge myself in areas I believe I’m more than competent in.

Writing is as much a part of me as my eyes are: both are interesting entrances to the soul. This entryway I have a bit more control over, but still the words likely reveal the person behind the word choices and increasing number of haikus. The following describes more than what you might expect.

On Stage

Horse hairs tingling

like a piss test cringing see,

I make words awkwardly connect

like dating apps pre-quarantine,

Go for a hug, semi-dap halfway through,

all I know is hardly any of my crew

was swiping but that’s a story

another day you shouldn’t peruse, anyway

I’m debating how to show my stuff,

writing rhymes on blogs is not enough,

should I make like a presidential address,

declare I’m crafting plans never meant to be kept,

Or should I Jay Electronica the whole world,

show potential for decades before I unfurl,

masking my talent like bacon in salad,

crunchier taste before PETA mad wilin’

I have so much fun up on stage,

Scared before I blank when engaged,

the moment rings when I’m in my element,

stones not Galactic but I’m still

birthing my word gems similarly to

orange cones at midnight stopping traffic,

Bombastic, ok that was too many syllables,

guilty of that main ridicule,


need to take a breath


sit in front of myself without being Laconian

hunting for my meaning without water reflections,

direction towards perfection is one of folly,

La-di-da-di when again will I party,

goal on the horizon is to not live sorry


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