NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #9: Why Does The World Turn Again?

By Daniel Paiz

Figuring out different content to write about can be the toughest part of writing a poem a day. Fortunately there is so much to write about when it comes to what’s in the news that every writing level should find something that speaks to them. This next piece is a direct result of my work day merged with the news cycle on April 8th, 2020.


Why Does The World Turn Again?

Isn’t it amazing how the Earth hasn’t just blown up yet?

Think about it,

and I’m not even talking about because of Yosemite or

the Pacific Rim or

any other naturally occurring event that

takes place every so many centuries or so.


I mean something else entirely.


How has the planet not erupted in fury

Over how much its been abused and mistreated?

This is the worst case of abuse in

written human history and yet

there haven’t been storms that have

wiped out a third of the world’s population.

That level of restraint and care for another

exceeds Harley and Mister Jay a thousand fold.


No matter how many species are killed,

how many natural wonders become apartments,

or how many waterways become poisoned,

the planet has not truly taken her justice.

Ice or fire are always presented as two ways to go,

but both combined would be too humane for all of us.

That’s just the problem though;

our human limits cannot begin to comprehend,

2020jean ralphio

a higher level of patience and restraint.

Let’s hope humankind never figures this out,

because then we are royally screwed.

Humans will be the epitome of Jean-Ralphio

and no Parks and Rec department will be

staffed to handle such a colossal clapback of justice.

Rushing to put out fires humans fueled,

distributing aid to those humankind made needy first,


Weather phenomenon will be the least of our worries,

alas that last news report was too little, too late.

Let’s update our audience shall we,

that reckoning is here.

Whether you’re religious or

just a little -stitious

An Ice Age, Yosemite explosion

is the least of our troubles tomorrow.


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