Presenting Denver Cyphers Episode 4 with Xarly Mendoza

By Daniel Paiz

Starting a new project requires consistency and hard work, and nothing reminds you of that better than a podcast. In Denver Cyphers Episode 4, I chat it up with rising local poetry star Xarly Mendoza. This guy has been participating in and winning poetry slams left and right. After winning contests in both Boulder and Colorado Springs in the past calendar year, he is on a mission of 365 poems in 365 days.

2020Xarly 4

Xarly sat down with me in Episode 4 of Denver Cyphers to discuss all of this and more, plus there’s a special guest you might know of if you’ve listened to previous episodes. The unfortunate part about all of this is that these four episodes are the end of the first portion of Season 1 of Denver Cyphers.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is very hard to meet up with anyone and record future shows. The goal is to get episodes recorded again in July and put out by either the end of July or the first half of August. Basically, keep your eyes peeled for new Denver Cyphers episodes in Summer 2020.

And now, our feature presentation

Xarly has a lot to say and he’ll make you laugh. So, there’s no reason in delaying the start of the episode, other than pressing play below of course.



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