NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #14: Take a Breath

By Daniel Paiz

One of the best parts of writing is that sometimes, you have absolutely no idea where it’s going to take you. For example, each line I write right now, I do not have an intended end to each sentence. That kind of spontaneity can be good for your creative side.

So far there have been a decent number of haikus, followed up by slam poetry pieces. Here’s another rhyme to get back to my roots, and to also see what’s rattling around inside this rhyming brain of mine.

Take A Breath

Take another second just to look around,

no not because it’s cold with snow on the ground,

reflect, disconnect, don’t retweet a thing,

discover what makes your heart pump,

despite back and chest feelin’ weak,

it just takes a moment,

finding what takes away a breath,

forget inhalers,

I’m talking what seems to make sense,

Negligence of your mind is a step

towards detriment of the soul,

Cold afflictions render derision

internal strife you don’t wanna grow,

pour out some for your past,

recall future trauma isn’t cast and set,

Believe me as I say it’s time to rewrite this script


Take a breath, and just be,

take a breath, and just be,

listen to your soul,

feed it what it needs

2020take a breath

Never been into self-help books,

or influencers selling me kinds of tea,

might make further progress

stretching and rearranging my back, neck, knees,

bending over backwards is outdated

something to leave with memories of school,

there’s worse kinds of inactivity

than sitting around as gravity pulls,

I delineate my life in abstract methods,

acting with different masks is far too reckless,

directed to more than just the mirror,

quarantine is more than just to protect self,

seers know to invest in new hands dealt,

Upping the stakes has never been my style,

After time one has to think differently,

beyond catchphrases to move on beyond societal bile.


Take a breath, and just be,

Take a breath and just be,

what’s the pulse of your soul,

listen to feed what it needs

2020take a breath


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