NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #7: Have A Nice Day

By Daniel Paiz 

Sometimes, you have to try out new avenues. If you’ve been keeping up each day, then you know I’ve already done that once so far during NaPoWriMo 2020. Today’s piece will be another crack at writing something I haven’t done too much of, but have thought about crafting before. It ideally will deliver a vivid story, one that might require multiple readings of it.

Have A Nice Day

As yes, Spring has sprung all around you.

Wonderful reminders of the season take hold,

Clear blue skies,

mixed with sunshine and flowers and baby animals,

and fresh air as that morning stroll of yours unfolds.

Running is something from another time for you,

One in particular that you remember well.


Memories are powerful things.

The emotions mixed in with the nostalgia,

of a bygone era

where shells and meat by the pound,

plentiful at the grocers,

Not scattered like you might

expect at the zoo,

If only you had taken one more train ride with them.


Because the ride you roll around in Mad Max envies.

Raccoon City, Arkham, insert your place of despair,

Unfair though it might seem this site isn’t historical,

it’s the stuff of Hollywood fodder.

That’s what everyone has become,

Walking or Left for Dead you choose,

by the fear smeared in jeers by those profiteering,

compliance and terror instilled by those listening.


This line is where everything changed.


Tomorrow comes and you have a choice,

float in concerned calm,

drown in hysteria,

This is what the propaganda should read,

were it not called fake news or quickly dismissed.

Read it all backwards to see 

how in both directions

Everything is ami$$.



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