NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #26: Lost Cities Flow

By Daniel Paiz

There’s a lot of stuff to watch right now with this stay at home stuff that’s currently happening. One of those shows includes National Geographic’s wonderful Lost Cities. Albert Lin takes us through six amazing archeological sites and dives into why they’re important and who else was responsible for them being there.

After shamelessly watching this series in like three sittings of two episodes a piece (clearly I’m a binge watcher, right), the following is very inspired by Lost Cities. Again, if you haven’t watched Lost Cities, you might want to do so at your earliest convenience, per my earlier sentence.

Lost Cities Flow

You’re tryna be Stonehenge,

But haven’t paid homage to Blick Mead,

No London grime to build a rep,

Royals don’t know how to get down,

Nomadic life might’ve been tough,

But I’d rather do that than rock a crown,

Auroch hunter to the fullest,

never expected hand-me-downs,


Why frozen in time,

You didn’t even live in Petra,

Nabataeans engineering like my flows,

an ever growing oasis,

aqueducts fulfilling Beverley Hills’ level sunsets,

anyway too much quoting of Albert,

could lead to show hole unrest,


Lidar technology mapping out where to go,

removing vegetation and shrubbery,

with ancient carvings of past centuries shown,

blown only by drone pilots,

who didn’t make it off the editing room floor,

Many thanks to Inti for another day,

so learned from Machu Picchu exploration

to Perdida Ciudad being digitally cleared.


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