NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #24: Patchwork

By Daniel Paiz

April is always a trying month for this writer. Mainly, it’s due to the daily writing that is required, but also, because of the regularity with which lines are expected to appear. In a way it’s absolute rubbish to expect oneself to always be on. How can one person continue to craft and detail new ideas into cohesive pieces day after day?

Sure, there are those people that are writing a poem a day for a whole year. That might include writing in advance. It also might include madness. Anyways, today’s piece is a patchwork of sorts. It’s partially inspired by a few lines here and there in my phone mixed together with new ideas. We all shall see how it comes out by the end. Enjoy.


I’m Jay being Talib

and Mike imitating Damaja,

Don’t get scared now in front of the camera,

Linguistics are simplistic

when direction unknown only to the editor,

You can never mess up

unless you squeal to the masses,

tattle-tail demeanor is how they’ll remember ya,


Sure it’s good to check in,

admit your flaws next to your powerful incantations,

believe me when I say this though,

the crowd often wants pure entertainment,

forget your feelings and inner thoughts,

this place is sought out to get lost,

bitch about partners and bosses,

not for you to lob madness and maybe even sob,


Do your job,

shut up and dribble,

woops that’s the wrong report,

watch out to misspeak before facing retort,

your own cohort might drag you down,

but make ’em all float here,

beat those lacking coins of wisdom,

why is it always the New England area that’s weird?


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