January 2021 NaPoWriMo piece: Y.A.S.S

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes you have an idea from a while back and all of a sudden it pops up again. In this case, acronyms for some reason have been popping up lately for me. So, this January 2021 NaPoWriMo piece is related to an acronym I thought up awhile back, a few weeks after the 2020 US Election. Let’s see how this one unfolds.


Y’all Adopted Stockholm Syndrome

Yo we crabs in a bucket fighting,

I’ma be the king crab Poseidon!

so apparently I’ll be the first to be cracked open

for a tourist’s delicious roadside meal dine-in.

It’s funny,

fight the power is still a jam among jams,

yet it’s played by those elected

to profile and incarcerate anyone sans,

reason beyond outdated fears and

jeers supposedly no longer acceptable,

predicated on dilapidated hope,

the foundation has rotted through,

and somehow the powers at be will make it like new?

I understand anarchy and chaos likely wouldn’t

fix what’s in shambles now,

but that’s not because there’d be lack of order,

there’d be lack of protection for

those who claim decency while signing laws wild.

eat the rich is trending

and not because people wanna get follows,

but rather they’ve followed the money

and poisoned honey idea of

dusting boots and self off the ground,

instead investing in what lines the wealthy’s pocket,

now there’s dockets to determine these actions

unacceptable and uncouth,

funny how everyone else uses the rich’s tools,

and now they gotta buy everything new

“regulations” will now be new rules.

Stop the Games played on the big screens,

admit what the rest of us knew,

betting against the people is nothing new.


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