NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #8: If You Know You Know

By Daniel Paiz

There’s lots going on all around us during this NaPoWriMo month of poetry. It’s valid and important to pay attention to what’s going on when it comes to news and society. And yet, certain events can make everything around you fade away. These kinds of pieces aren’t common here, thus the appropriate title.

Perhaps the better you know the writer, the more you’ll gleam from the piece; perhaps not.

If You Know You Know

Dragons and mystical beings are the least of one’s problems

when it comes to rescuing what I’m pursuing,

It’s not denied,

it’s not banned,

but it does feel like high school moves being made,

If you know you know

is a popular phrase meant not to gatekeep,

but show lowkey appreciation for efforts made,

Only one might know what is being referenced,

but should that reader put together two with two,

know this kind of piece is a rarity,

I’m looking forward to observing many moons.


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