NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #9: Flowers with Dog Collars

By Daniel Paiz

Posted: 7:00am, 4/9/2021

Updated: 11:42am, 4/9/2021

NaPoWriMo 2021 can go from lighthearted to heavy very quick. Life is precious, and we’re being reminded about that yet again. People passing from mass shootings, and people being targeted via hate crimes. Rappers and plenty of other people dealing with addiction and how it can push one’s life to the brink (DMX, we will miss you). It often feels like flowers are given when the recipient can’t enjoy them. This might almost be too late, but hopefully that’s not the case and these can still be enjoyed.

Flowers with Dog Collars

Voice is something that

can be trained,

improved, and worked on…

but sometimes it’s just something that sticks with you forever.

Finding the right words to say

may create mental melee,

but I’m obligated to crystallize this moment,

if only to hold it in time forever.

Do not count one out before the count hits ten,

before the clock strikes twelve,

brethren research and find some zen,

because instead of rushing to hashtag,

unlock yourself from the bars of Twitter fingers,

linger on why one should have received

bouquets with dog collars

long before today.

Whoever you’ve been fighting all of these years,

reflect on why we must celebrate and fight back tears,

remember that simple is difficult,

especially when consistently conveying a message,

reckless to add meaning,

that’s not showing respect, kid.

Eventually gotta let a dog roam,

and he’ll find his way home.


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