NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #12: Untitled 99

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes it’s just time to let the key strokes land where they may. NaPoWriMo is about challenging yourself as well as growing inside and out. Let’s rattle this tree and see what drops.

Untitled 99


staring at my screen trying to meet

self-imposed deadlines,

soul crying,

wondering why I do this to myself

every time,


leads to word procreation,

equations of

science classes I avoided,

floating around my head,

meme-guided levitation,

I harken back to days when

writing was fun,

perhaps taking it seriously,

is the real conundrum.

Ho-hum which pattern

do I play on this drum?

Life offers different hits,

no reason cymbal crash is a setting sun,

digging too deep,

is not always the best thing to do,

authenticity beats references

on nine outta ten tunes.


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