NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #11: Backwards and Forwards

By Daniel Paiz

Movies can give you strange or intriguing ideas. When watching Tenet for the first time last night, it oddly made lots of sense and yet not as much as I thought as I was watching the story unfold. It feels necessary to somewhat explore what words it might inspire me to drop, and what direction I might want to try out. Don’t worry, little to no spoilers lie ahead, dear readers.

Backwards and Forwards

Infinity War gave me a taste,

of backwards and forwards traveling time and space,

yet Tenet did it different,

with much less variance,

somehow leaving all vulnerable to

the makings of a truly downtrodden spirit.

Know wealth comes after health,

coin means nothing upon the arrival of death,

and yet perplexed am I,

because of what ignites,

implosions and catching shots,

the upside down coming via inversion,

Late night thermodynamic study,

entropy didn’t destroy or create,

reverse the sentence while

everyone else rotates possible fates.


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