NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #14: Silence is Worse than Hate

By Daniel Paiz

Getting involved might take some classes for some people. For others, it’s all about running the opposite direction of everyone else attempting to find safety. Not everyone is good with emergencies and trauma. However, one doesn’t know until they are in that possession. Doing something seems more dangerous than whatever might be going on, but on the flip side, the most dangerous act in the world is inaction. Good people standing by and doing nothing will have to end sooner than later. This NaPoWriMo isn’t much, but awareness is a start.

Silence is Worse than Hate

Silence is three other officers have front row seats to a murder.

Silence is a police department not holding their own accountable.

Silence is a way of life for those on the fringes of society,

yet fringes are no longer frayed with bigger things at play.

Fringes strangle those dismissed by the masses,

frontline headlines when disposed of

by those tactless,

distracted by megalomania,

this system everyday is the culprit

of mass hysteria.

Dysfunction of self awareness due to paint by numbers,

Slumber of the gears working to extinguish hunger,

Thunder of communities

drowned by bullet storms,

because some said nothing,

guaranteeing this kind of norm.


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