NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #15: Breathe In, Breathe Out

By Daniel Paiz

The world can be a very frenetic, busy place. Whether things in your own personal or work life are ramping up in activity or whatnot, or just observing things around you, it’s hectic. Sometimes, and it’s easier said than done, it’s important to sit with yourself. Sit with your surroundings. No distractions, no shows or movies or music on.

Contemplate what’s on your mind and heart. Determine or try to figure out why those things are weighing heavy on you, or why things might feel cluttered or cloudy. Inhale in, exhale out. Wait a few seconds between breaths. It’s very easy to react without processing or thinking over what’s occurring in life. It’s even easier to overthink things too.

Whichever you might do, find patience for yourself like you do for others in whatever capacity you do. Repetition is the key to finding that which you seek. The other pieces from NaPoWriMo might add to the chaos, but ideally they add to your perspective, just like today’s piece will too.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Find the page,

turn it, pursue it and amplify your rage,

bust it,

gallop after your hopes and dreams without delay,


Determine what’s what and

hop into high gear at a frantic pace,

Why wait?!?

what are you doing reading this page

and brimming with ideas until now

you were too afraid to make?


Five seconds…count them, and breathe in.

Inhale and then breathe out, five more.

Exhale, forget productive hell,

forge your inner workings at a capable rate,

distaste is just the first sign prior to

feeling a heavy chest and pounding brain.

You can levitate yourself to unseen heights

should you first ground yourself in being aware,

cognizant of who you are as opposed to how,

you hope others see you.

Versus whatever glorified painting you amassed

inside your ramshackled den of thoughts.


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