NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #20: Smashing Willow Pottery

By Daniel Paiz

Just like a lot of things in the time of COVID, this nine-year anniversary is going to pass quietly. That’s not to say I’m not super proud to have been writing, interviewing, filming, and creating all this time. I really am. I appreciate the support from across the state of Colorado, across the United States, and those of you tuning in worldwide. This isn’t a site that gets mainstream numbers, but that’s because we aren’t always covering mainstream things.

It’s about music you might not have heard yet. It’s about communities and local music and scenes ignored by too many. This site is about giving you something new to check out and think about (big reason for NaPoWriMo every April, too). Sometimes it’s an idea that was a little too out there. Other times it’s something that’s a late realization. Either way, shout out to everyone who reads our stuff and checks out our efforts. You are appreciated. Also apparently the traditional gifts of celebrating a nine-year anniversary are willow and pottery; let’s flip that a bit.

Smashing Willow Pottery

Carefully weaving pieces together…

lovely willow a home design’s treasure…

Ghost mode for molding warm clay…

such a nice and breezy pottery day…

now raise BOTH above your head and

smash those traditions in every way!

your favorite mumble rapper’s career?

probably doubled that,

TikTok and boomerang videos?

Another thing we’ll outlast,

this some real old-head vibes right now,

perhaps because it’s all independent,

self-motivation is what I self-douse,

hustling word of mouth beyond self doubt,

some ways work despite social numbers down

that’s never what it’s been about.

Artists who don’t get the shine they deserve?

It’s about them,

Local communities that are creating music and

creating a space to build together?

This is for them.

Highlighting people I know who are figuring out

this creative life and deserve some love?

I got them in those moments.

It’s not about getting rich and famous.

This is about showing as many people as possible

the creativity and ingenuity of people

who aren’t getting the same attention or notoriety,

simply because they haven’t been mass monetized yet.

That’s what Cypher Sessions is about.

Join the cypher

because it’s a community session.


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