Tin Years Strong (National Poetry Writing Month #20, 10th anniversary poem)

By Daniel Paiz

“Tin” years strong is one traditional anniversary way to sum up ten years of Cypher Sessions. Not sure how many people still give tin after a decade of marriage, work, etc. If you work for the Denver Broncos, you get a personalized football. Maybe I should’ve gone that way, touchdown poetry!

There’s not enough space or time to list all of the thoughts swirling from doing this for ten years. Very few have been along for the ride all ten years, and that’s fine, life happens. Lots of you have begun reading over the past couple of years, partially due to the pandemic. It’s very much appreciated that you continue to read and share and check out my musings; especially during national poetry writing month.

Last year I thought I had a better explanation of what Cypher Sessions means to me. I will keep it succinct before having some rhythmic fun below. I did not think ten years ago this site would still be bustling along. All I wanted to do was share what I saw, what I heard, and I also wanted to highlight creatives I thought deserved more attention. I’d say I’ve done a decent job but have room to grow. Thanks for reading, and let’s get into Tin Years Strong.

Tin Years Strong

Drizzle down that drink

and smash that tin can against your head,

that’s been the goal of spouting off views and rhymes

in between analyzing lyrics mostly not read.

Vicious curiosity led to wondering who else

ponders about these things,

the clever punchlines and double entendre,

rappers and poets sprinkle throughout verbal seasoning.

What’s prepared and cooked before you,

might’ve been charred a bit much,

other times bloodily presented,

dented words and layered meanings to say so much,

yet nothing, simultaneously drawing wonder,

and brushed off overflowing cups.

Developing direction?

These rhymes and words healed more than any double shot of yuck.


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