NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #29: Trivia Night

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes doing something to unwind is the way to go. That can include trivia nights, playing board games, reading a good book, or even writing. Perhaps, writing something for NaPoWriMo, even. While I tend to try and not think about it, especially related to game-type activities as what’s been listed above, there is a slight darkness to the title given for this piece. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin this fun event for you; if it does though, ask yourself why.

Trivia Night

Imagine Questlove or Janelle Monáe

giving you props,

for whatever it is that

you do for a job,

now that’s not daily,

But point is mainly,

after those appetizers and beer,

what in life becomes more clear?

Oh believe me I’m a Jeopardy guy,

and like guessing pop culture and

music trivia too,

but the thing is what’s next

regardless if that night I win or lose?

escapism is my jam,

I’m not complaining about that,

but rather what that mind do…

The real question is why do so many

have to escape mundane daily office hues,

figuring out their pecking order,

while slouching in remote work from home queues,

yeah it’s easy to say

“quit your job and seize the day,

carpe diem!”

But if there’s no plan in place

the only seizing will be,

of your place to sleep and eat in,

Never let regret direct your energy,

but rather uncover who you need yourself to see ,

plan and work after work hours,

towards understanding what it means to be free,

from real estate to new social media powers,

trivia night contains the answer of who you plan to be.


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