NaPoWriMo 2021 Poem #28: Reflections on the Craft

By Daniel Paiz

Looking forward is very important, and so is planning out what’s ahead. NaPoWriMo sometimes consists of planning ahead, and putting together pieces prior to certain days helps quite a bit. However looking forward also tends to require looking back.

That doesn’t mean getting fixated on the past. Moreover, it’s about learning and then applying. That can be hard, not because it isn’t possible, but rather because it requires you to act. Inaction is one of the biggest detriments to all humankind, but perhaps that can still change. Either way, reflecting on one’s tool set can help to sharpen it for one’s future endeavors.

Reflections on the Craft

Notes provide insight,

game film displays feedback,

all of the lessons can be planned out,

but none of them matter, that’s fact.

Okay, perhaps that’s a little harsh,

but check out why that’s not the whole tale.

Rather it’s a compilation of learning

and then executing it to scale.

Practice might anger Iverson,

but it’s more important than any game.

It’s what teaches you what you can do,

and what needs reps until innards are drained.

Picture certain memories,

and what they revealed to you.

Now go and envision what’s different,

to make possibility become true.

Pens drawn are mental swords,

combative tools to cut through,

what memorable barriers are,

to what it is you want to do.

There were hot lines and fresh verses,

surrounded by likewise signs,

refine what efforts you made earlier,

to be amazed as talent transcends time.


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