2022 is the Catharsis of 2021

By Daniel Paiz

Opening poems have become a staple here, and “2022 is the Catharsis of 2021” is no different. Well, at least in terms of getting things going for the new year. Last year the focus was on pushing through adversity and putting in work. However, work cannot be the sole focus of one’s existence. 2022 is showing this to be true with workers being drained and over being expected to perform with little change to their well-being in a myriad of ways.

There has to be some release, and it appears 2022 might be that with 2021 having finally ended.

2022 is the Catharsis of 2021

Scroll upon your lifelines,

as grain by grain slips away,

distraction and escapism have come out to play,

for nearly every person

experiencing things differently on their own,

unknown is 2022 after a collective 2021 groan.

Tragedy elicits fear and pity,

and further lessons sown,

crafted through the ages

but for now, it feels futures could be blown.

Release that gnawing feeling,

it’s a familiar one that permeates young and old,

this purgation leads to restoring some souls.

Relief is in sight despite this current storm,

born not of optimistic idealism, but rather

accepting arrival to the eye, halfway to go.


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