2021 Opening Poem: Get Your Reps In

By Daniel Paiz

2021 feels like it’ll be similar to 2020, but the hope is that isn’t the case. Perhaps things will improve for many, perhaps really only for a few. Either way, let’s open this new year with some words to reflect on and hopefully encourage with. Whether you’re into resolutions or intentions or just seeing how things come, your mindset will be everything; not just for 2021, but for your entire time on this blue marble.

Get Your Reps

You might not be into sports and that’s fine

but you’re into whatever hobbies or activities

that bring you joy right?

You know you likely won’t go pro in them,

but rather they’re a distraction or,

better yet a passion that adds to your reasoning for being.

Have you put in your reps?

Not just,

going through the motions and

doing something so that you

can say you did it, No.

Did you invest yourself into it?

See I’m a fan of watching an orange sphere

consisting of leather or rubber,

tickling the threading together of nylon string,

over and over again.

To become effective and impactful in this game of hoops

you have to put in your reps.

You have to have a sweat-drenched shirt,

to match the heavy breathing and

jammed fingers, sore ankles,

and arms that felt heavier than when you started.

Your reps are your offseason,

that time when you grow the most.

The preseason, regular season, and

postseason if you’re lucky enough

only come after you’ve put in all you could

during the offseason.

When no one is watching.

When you’re accountable to yourself,

and you know if you ran 16 times or 12.

You know if you hit 100 free throws or 87.

You know if you’re where you really want to be.

So the takeaway is this:

if you plan to reach and achieve all that you want in 2021?

Get Your Reps In.


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