Poetic exercise, Side 1: Saboteur

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes the best way to tackle writer’s block or a period of time where writing seems difficult by jotting down what comes to mind at the time. It will be story ideas, lines of words that rhyme, random thoughts. Often times for this writer, it tends to be poetry in some form or fashion. It doesn’t always rhyme exactly, but it does flow together. This Side 1Side 2 idea is meant to be opposite sides of a coin, so to speak. Where this first piece goes, the second one will likely not follow in terms of mood and emotion.

Side 1: Saboteur

illness is seen,

as a shortcoming of some kind, 

whether or not

it’s from the body or mind,

like a person 

chooses to feel this,

and is lazy or unkempt, 

as if the mind is 

to be controlled,

forcefully boxed in,

what a malicious present,

past gifts of 

such thought processes

led one to 

the future of decay,

where tomorrow will be tomorrow,

and coming up short 

today’s okay,

after all that illness lingers,

a self-saboteur’s go to,

it never helps when living 

with those who encourage

detrimental feed 

to one’s roots.


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