Poetic exercise, Side 2: Grower

By Daniel Paiz

Following up Side 1 is a piece that switches in tone and mood. The length isn’t all that different, but the focus is one that will better steer one towards better outcomes and goals. That’s not to say lessons aren’t to be learned from both sides, it’s really just recognizing that things are up and down. Feeling and processing one’s emotions are super important. Those feelings can provide guidance and become tools in what one decides to do next.

Side 2: Grower

Walking with your headphones on,

Music playing, blaring,

surrounding in sound you.

Blocking out the world around

isn’t what you do.

You’re not blocking out the world,

you’re blocking out truth,

you’re not blocking out the world,

you’re blocking out you.

drowning out your thoughts to try and get lost,

cost of such decisions is no albatross,

cup those headphones tighter

and then shift them off.

Stay wide-eyed

but no apple stories,

But pommels still might join your future glory.


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