Blue Justice (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #7)

By Daniel Paiz

Another National Poetry Writing Month entry, another pop culture reference. Inspiration tends to come from anywhere, and in this instance it’s in the form of a fuzzy hedgehog some of you might know. If not, that’s totally fine and your childhood is being judged right now; totally kidding, people don’t all watch the same stuff.

While Chili dogs aren’t my thing and grapes aren’t much higher up on the list, I had to dive in a bit due to this Sonic 2 release. Feel free to google certain references. Honestly, it feels like there’s enough content and lore from this series to perhaps rival Marvel.

Blue Justice

A continent for every gem,

but Ireland has none of them.

If you caught that subliminal,

You quick as a Makar goal

with an assist from MacKinnon,

Aite lemme slow my spin,

no grapes or chili dogs in question,

if pop culture isn’t your thing,

then I dunno if you’ll like Blue Justice,

see on Green Hills out West,

there’s a speedster jingling rings,

trying to prevent robotic eggs from destructing,

not to mention a madman never deadpan,

from a tragic era to the masses unknown,

no sympathy for diabolical destruction though,

even an Echidna on a warpath knows.


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