Rushed (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #8)

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes during National Poetry Writing Month, life happens, and things get a bit busy. Whether it’s work, or interactions with people, or just stuff folks need to attend to; stuff happens. Have no fear, today’s piece is a bit late but still here.

It’s also important to take time and check in with where you are at any given moment. Too often I and likely others might be tuned quite a bit into these glaring windows we call technology. It can lead to feeling kind of rushed.


Bust out those words at a million miles a minute,

With the quickness

details dropped in

all those specifics,

click it

upload it, save it,

make sure to not erase it,


This is not the waning minutes of a championship match,

where tickling the twine will make one’s dreams last.

Sure, rock that chalk by performing out

what your gameplan is,

don’t be the Heel to missing out in Carolina blue,

that was mashed in.

Dedicating some precious moments, minutes, or more

to address rushed feelings, I do implore.


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