Goodness in Denver 2022 World Premiere

By Daniel Paiz

After a summer of good tunes, fun people and vibey spaces, it is time for the “Goodness in Denver 2022 World Premiere”. Over the course of a handful of Sunday evenings and the occasional Monday event, the footage you are about to witness is a brief glimpse into what Goodness is.

There are also throwback bits and pieces added into the mix from the 2018 Goodness Block Party. As Goodness is departing from the Mile High City this fall, it felt only right to show what all Goodness has been about since this guy has been attending in person and on Twitch. I haven’t been to that many, but the ones I’ve attended have always had a very welcoming and accepting vibe, one where you can tell it’s a community that supports its members.

Don’t worry, the words are almost over, then the moving pictures will begin shortly.

I’d like to thank the Academy…

Luckily there is no Oscars music to play me off, so you are stuck reading these words! But for real, I’d like to thank DJ Low Key for welcoming me to document these moments in Denver history, Goodness history, and music history. I also would like to thank Christine Sweredoski from Red Bull for their support of this project this summer. Lastly, I’d like to thank all the DJs, artists, creatives, and community members who make Goodness what it is. Without you all, there would be no music Goodness and community Goodness for everyone to enjoy.

Postscript, huge shout out to Arlo Soriano for agreeing to debut this video on her Twitch channel on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022.

And now, our Feature Presentation


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