Misery via Mercury: Summer/Fall NaPoWriMo 2022 poetry stuff

By Daniel Paiz

PC: (NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington)

Been a little while since I’ve shared these types of words on here, mostly because I’ve been writing stuff I didn’t feel like sharing. An important part of this poetry and rhyming thing is to put the reps in for your craft. Another is focusing more on certain skill sets you want to improve. Misery via Mercury is one of those kinds of pieces.

I’ve been thinking about narrative more than clever word choice and whatnot. I had also taken a break from this writing form, as I didn’t want to force it and was in a groove with video editing and other kinds of writing. Not that I really owe any kind of explanation, but rather, just wanted to give some perspective on this writer’s current state of mind.

Misery via Mercury

I’m gonna do my Biden dance

as inflation goes up,

Trumpers sit the fuck down

you over the hill cult,

I already chose my side,

no, not Democrats,

don’t try and take this opportunity to appoint,

voting is the only way you know how to anoint,

well, I voted and look,

there went some more rights,

if I keep voting, we should be able to

get rid of a lot more of these helpful joints,

that’s the narrative you’re smoking,

and I won’t pass along that which destroys,

why again are we arguing about wings,

when this bird has dookied all over our lives and joy?

Learned about sequence of returns today

and it just made me depressed,

best laid plans for your financials?

solely focused on the rich not being such a mess,

sure, you can save,

but cost of living won’t keep pace,

why in the cinnamon toast fuck

do the poor have a speed limit in this race?

apparently young enough to still save,

think about retirement,

I’m tired of reiterating these job postings are banishment,

but lemme Biden dance again,

Trumpers shut the fuck up!

when’s your court hearing for your Jan 6th stunt?

while we’re at it, arrest everybody, this place has had enough

the US a strange touristy prison dump

Insert a chorus, memorable bridge,

something clever about how we live,

repeat chrous,

ad lib a bridge,

get back to a miserable home and wonder,

is this all there is? thanks a lot Mercury id


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