NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 1: Back Again

By Daniel Paiz

It is April again, which can only mean one thing: it’s NaPoWriMo time! NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is a challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days. They can be poems of all kinds: rhyming poems, haikus, slam poetry, free verse, following some kind of form like ABACAD or something like that (I really don’t follow that last one).

There are rules in poetry, but the main ones that are followed around here are focusing on expressing yourselves and focus on challenging yourselves. The poetry is the point, not how well it’ll get scored in a competition, not how well it’s publicly received, nothing else. It’s about getting something off your chest, your mind, your soul, etc. If you are in need of some examples, feel free to peruse previous years that this place has tackled this challenge. Enjoy the process, and let’s write some poetry.

Tonight’s piece is going to contain the type of stuff I’ve been writing my whole life, and there’s been a bit of break since I wrote these. However, prepare for some rhymes.

Back Again

“By jingo, he’s a poet,

a sure sign of a genius”

Kirby was dropping bars before I could read em,

seemingly frustrated, I feel Jack’s pain,

and if you know the song,

I’m gonna tell Santana to take a seat,

while I riff off some bars directly out the brain,

are you ready for this plane of thought,

plane of D’jalia,

plane turbulently descending past the Mile High powder,

whoa now calm down,

this pen has keys opening doors to life,

not that Clipse type despite similar paths of having no fury, aite?

Scott Free challenged me to break traps before they’re even sent to me,

such planning are days of yore,

sore is the feeling now after life deceits,

much like those who used to feel jingo,

but now know wars are capitalistic,

not altruistic things.

If you got all of the references,

you might be a person of culture, enjoy that throne sit,

and welcome my fellow degenerate,

I’m kidding, it’s Plumas,

messing around with getting triple double Poetic-s


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