NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 2: Attack the Blank

By Daniel Paiz

Here is the arrival of day 2 of the challenge known as NaPoWriMo 2023. There are always so many directions one can choose to go with this month-long writing process. There are prompts that one can look for online, themes that challenge the writer to dig into an idea they might not have before. There is choosing your own adventure with all of this, which is what this writer typically does. The important thing is, write some stuff down; then write some more.

If you keep writing and writing, before you know it, you might just craft something that is a piece of poetry, and something that states something you didn’t necessarily expect.

Attack the Blank

It occurs to me at 9:05 PM on Sunday eve,

I’m staring at a blank screen,

contemplating or debating?

Wondering or waiting?

To scribble digitally some words to craft a scene.

It could be mundane,

it could be a masterpiece,

more likely than not,

it’ll be a blip in time forgotten as soon as

I move onto the next writing scheme.

Tis a dream not so serene,

to smith words together into something palatable,

yet damsel I feel,

distressed a poor placeholder when it comes to self-reviewing,

what one at times feels like is a cross between

determination and mess.


and waiting…

finally realizing that it isn’t about

what to write that will make a splash,

it is not if what is written will have

a lasting impact upon readers of tomorrow and before,

it is when you reach someone,

with these amalgamations of sounds,

wound up and set loose upon audiences

ranging from stuffy to uncouth.

When is the operative word,

not what, which leads to waiting rooms,

and expectant canvasses jointly facing

your doom with you.

Gush harder than anyone else before has and do it now.


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