NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 3: 32

Daniel Paiz

Back for the third day of NaPoWriMo 2023, and somehow there’s already some mental blockage. Thankfully the internet provides, and there are so many prompts out there to choose from. That’s what I decided on for today, as this writer will be following the prompt idea for day three of this 30 day challenge.

Today’s challenge is about reflecting on age, more specifically the age you are right now. This writer is very close to the age of a certain vinyl record, and no it isn’t the small ones that you’re thinking about. Time to drop this poetic tune and explore the current age few really talk about.


Not quite at the standard revolutions per minute,

but with this number of rotations,

there’s been a few lessons,

and a few more experiences.

For whatever reason,

I could not picture life past 30,

partially because I didn’t envision getting old for me.

No need to take that to the macabre,

it was really just an unlocked level I wasn’t yet playing,

delaying a realization that still’s reverberating.

32 isn’t a bad place to be,

might need to stretch some more and move around to avoid stiffness,

but that comes with the territory.

I keep telling others and myself,

that the 40-, 50-, 60-something versions of us

will laugh looking back at our younger selves claiming old age.

Sure, thirties are outside of the 18-24 primary demographic,

but even being in the 18-34 range to me doesn’t matter,

I know what I like and understand what’s happening.

If that music could be turned a notch,

that’d be much appreciated though.

I’m not gonna pretend like

everything’s the same as before.


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