NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 23: Digging the Future

By Daniel Paiz

Sometimes one has an idea for what to write about for NaPoWriMo, and sometimes one wants to see what the rest of the world is writing about. There is an actual NaPoWriMo website, and they feature poets from all over and give daily optional poetry prompts as well. It appears a few days ago, one of those prompts focused on future archaeology; in the fairly faraway future, archaeologists will dig and uncover what you and I are used to today.

So, today’s piece will be in that same vein, but of course will have some sports-ing involved as well.

Digging the Future

Picture a group of academics,

mixed together with field researchers,

all of which are archaeologists in some capacity,

wandering into large oval or orb-like structures.

Multiple entry points with grand depictions,

individuals adorned in the same attire,

tying together a name or location where

all of these individuals gather together.

What’s more intriguing is,

there are hundreds if not thousands that,

adorn themselves with similar outfits,

somehow not chosen to be an official wearer of this garb,

but still allowed to participate by observing the chosen few.

There is a space in the middle of the structure,

constructed of a wooden apparatus of some kind,

with two pillars at each end.

What’s also peculiar is,

there are two open-ended cages stored away

behind where the crowds observe,

and in different parts of the building,

there is a different group of people wearing all the same articles,

but they are different than what the first group of chosen are showing off.

Another confounding thing

is how there are different levels of hard surfaces,

lined up in differently shaped squares and rectangles,

some of which are very far away from the center of the building,

others that are hardly viewable at all from the outside.

There are also extremely long hallways,

containing stations that possess signs and announcements,

with images of what appears to be ancient attempts at sustenance.

There are other materials listing how someone can also acquire what

the chosen few wear,

which makes it curious as to if that’s the starting point for how one works

to become a chosen few.

One last curious oddity

is the giant cube seemingly dangling from the ceiling,

as it appears to possess many electrical components,

and even more wires connecting it with different parts of the ceiling.

Smaller cubes surround it,

and one wonders if these were medieval attempts,

to communicate with the masses observing the chosen few.

Whatever these chosen few were doing,

there is a room with square devices and ancient tablets,

depicting various sets of numbers,

and notes like “what a jam!” and “and one!”

Perhaps the chosen few counted,

or performed demonstrations of fruit collection.

We might never know what “getting buckets” means…


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