5 words of Death! (Day 5 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

So today, we are going to have some fun and mix things up a bit. We are going to borrow something from one of the best radio shows on, and put our own spin on it. If you have ever listened to or watched Sway In The Morning, then you know he has this segment called the five fingers of death freestyle. What we are going to do, is our own version called the five words of death. I earlier asked for people on Facebook to give me a random word, five to be exact, and this is what these people came up with (they made this difficult!), and below is where we shall see if it can be a full body of work. The deal is, a word will be written out (with the person’s name who told it to me on FB), I have to create something on the spot that makes sense, and then when they next word comes out, I have to do that again, and so forth. So… Let’s go!

WAFFLES! (Phil Barker)

Man I’m all about that breakfast time,

more of a monster than Cookie,

you get between me and my waffles,

it’ll be a sticky situation,

no persuasion,

I assure you when it’s time to grub down,

I cannot be derailed when that crispy goodness time comes around,

I know these fluffy dented masterpieces feed my imagination,

because pancakes are so basic,

but waffles fuel Fortune’s 500 with no ill will,

or inhibition,

JIGGLYPUFF! (Matt French-Kim)

speaking of no barriers,

I remember the retro characters,

of my youth that used to abuse,

my time and distract me from homework,

the original 151 man, no other anime is better,

I don’t care of your evidence or proof,

Singing Jigglypuffian praises,

that don’t Haunter my dreams,

Articuno, Zapados, Moltres,

that’s the new countdown to me stepping to the mic,

and being nothing but legendary,

you wanna Mewtwo?

You’re not ready clones,

I Surge beyond your dense Brock decisions to gridlock

my Ketchum drive to be the best alive,

you’ll stay Weezing to my flows,

poisoned worse than a sting from Arbok!

FINALLY! (Bonita Gurule)

Now I can finally exhale,

no more words meant to troll,

I can breathe,

at last Etta,

Finally I can jump off!

To any topic,

oblique or microscopic,

it can really be of my choosing,

after a good rest,

I can attest the best,

have to be made to do very silly things,

no ending to my performances,

has it occurred to you that there’s no way to make me flee?

I’ll compose masterpieces out of very little,

and you’ll all no longer be screaming finally!

BEAUTIFUL! (Mahad Fahieh)

Speaking of priceless works of art,

and artifacts that cannot extract anything less than pure bliss,

I would like to simply go ahead and establish,

the wondrous state in which I live,

no other place can concoct views and weather so seamlessly,

if you’ve never been,

you’re clearly missing out,

the most beautiful place to ever live or be!

Colorado, you don’t have to follow,

the path of 14ers or double diamond trails,

you can see from porches, park benches, and swings,

this place will keep me grounded,

and rhyming forever from deep within,

my soul will shine because of its great beauty!

CREAM-FILLED! (Josue Nieto)

Never been about these donuts possessing their centers,

always been about desserts missing a middle see,

it makes it easier to handle,

and aerodynamically tasty,

Yeah I know some of you wanna rep those cream-filled things,

with jam, cheese, chocolate or

whatever other creations that you can think,

until I see a really weird baked good at Voodoo,

I’ll pass on that path of sweets ya see!

But I guess it’s an acquired taste and I’m no person of defined taste,

I find myself finding new foods

only to watch them get consumed without a trace,

but like mermaids they could be mythological,

a cream-filled item that I’ll really like,

or maybe that’ll change when I lose faith on my current crushes,

cinnamon sugar chocolate cookies,

man those are outta sight!!!

Thanks to everyone who dropped a word and you all got shouted out above. Also shout out to Juancho Garcia who gave a word after the 5 words were given, I added in his mermaid there at the end as I just saw he posted it. THAT my friends, is the five words of death!!! I think this should be tried more at more open mics and whatnot. Either way, hope you enjoyed!!


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