Thrones Flow (Day 12 of NaPoWriMo 15)

Extremely late for tonight’s post, but nevertheless we continue on with NaPoWriMo 2015 on this 12th of April. If you’re into games and rulers, this one may peak your interest!

Now you can be about your Lannisters,

or folks from Dorne,

or watchers of the wall,

or colder than the origins of Jon Snow,

Free folk remind me that

walls only divide those,

who were first to be one and the same

with people to the south,

but the heat to rule those not free,

brings about heated protest via Kaleesi,

then who wants the Iron throne

I’ll head to Braavos pronto,

not down with royal gestapos,


forget the whole thing,

no storm of swords will cut me down,

see just take the crown,

have no one bow down,

it’s no longer time for tyranny

freedom is supposed to be now.

I’m a fan of tactics, fermented antics

but really why the worship of barbarous actions

why is everyone so curious?

Just go and watch the news,

read an article or two,

we’ve simply replaced swords with bullets,

and crowns with red buttons,

democracy doesn’t live here anymore,

voices have been stolen,

maybe free cities are what we need,

Braavos could be an example it seems to me,

Stark it up to end the lack of trust

from those who promised more

but condemned so many to poverty row

maybe there is more to learn

from these expansive books and shows…


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