Exhale…(Day 25 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

Less than five days remaining now, and we are still a poem short AND have not been posting on time, starting tomorrow that will change. We promise though, last handful of days will be on time and on point. So without further ado at the end of this very busy weekend, let’s have some written fun:

Need to take some breaths

from a weekend packed with such magic

from seeing family not by blood

to a pro athlete serenading my grandma it’s tragic

that these past 72 hours are coming to a close.

Drinking a pitcher of a substance not tasted since the good ol’ days,

laughing and joking with people not seen since those said days,

and spending time unplanned other than the start,

it was amazing their was such fluidity to the moments had,

It truly was art.

What made the essence of everything so very beautiful was

it was a time where

one was made to feel that

not only were they a part of something that they belonged to?

But it is something bigger than themselves.

It is always rewarding to take a moment,

catch a breath,

and exhale.

Exhale because

you were laughing so hard you thought your asthma was making

an unexpected and unwelcomed re-emergence,

Exhale because

you haven’t actually ran around in a room that much seeing people and

connecting with souls who have such beauty and wit that

you have actually ran a marathon while

not leaving a square mile radius.

Exhale because

you felt like you were a valued member of society and that

your contributions are appreciated, enjoyed, and needed

not because you want to be the newest trumpeter on the block but

because you value feedback and genuine interaction with people.

Actual, living, breathing, multi-layered thoughtful people.

Exhale because

you can no longer hold you breath

waiting for someone who doesn’t care about you

to notice you passing out due to total frustration and resentment.

You have to decide that the breaths you process

make a difference, and are not in vain.


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