Featured Artist Tonight!!!! (Day 26 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

Hello everyone, you are in for a treat tonight!! We have another artist to feature tonight, one I have personally observed transform before my eyes from a young bubbly freshman into a fierce, wonderful, even more bubbly mujer who is simply an amazing human being. It has been quite some time since I have had the pleasure of reading or hearing any of her work, and now all of you are in for a great piece of writing. Without further shenanigans, here is a poem from the one, the only, Cecilia Chavez-Guevara:

“We are in a post-racial society”, many people say,

but today we have been reminded of how we’re still going to look away

and let the lives of my brother, nephew and Michael Brown fade away.

Today we have shown once again that the color of our skin will still define who you are and if you deserve to die

Today I hug myself pretending to hug all of my students but it doesn’t make sense to tell them to not fear because Oscar Grant was just one isolated case.

Today I am afraid because I’m not sure if the oath I took under a blue and red-stripped flag was worth it, or if it even meant something.

Today I am facing again my computer to find out if there will be ever justice for those who have died “at the wrong place and the wrong time”. To face again how Trayvon Martin was wrongfully sentenced before even facing trial.

Today I am angry to find out the cruelty of America, the pain of America, the greed of America, the stress of America, the lives of America, the loneliness of America.

Today darren wilson walks freely breaking the air that Michael Brown could have had today. He walks with pride of carrying a gun, but with the ignorance of the pain it can cause. He will never have to fear his children being wrongfully accused by just looking at them. He will not comprehend that America is a nation that prides itself with bringing justice to the rest of the world, but itself.

But probably that’s what this is all about, looking away from our own problems and locking them away.

Today I just want my nephew to come home.

Today I just hope to be able to see my students the next day.

Today I just want to cry so the next day I can show strength, but my anger won’t go away.

I hope to sleep tonight because I can’t see another injustice go by in the country that claimed me as its own, but instead its only making me grief what color I was born.


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