Legacies: NapoWriMo 2016, Day 13

Today was a momentous day in the final day of the 2016 NBA regular season. The one seed in the West made it to 73 wins, and one of the best ever finally ended a legendary 20-year career. Tonight’s piece is to honor these achievements, as it is quite a time to be alive if you are a basketball sports fan:


Everyone is focused on leaving the best possible, imaginable

and successful story behind them.

So much so,

that people will allow it to consume them, and

they do not fulfill their self-prophesized success.


there are those who not only know what they wish to reach,

what aspirations and peaks they plan on surpassing,

and they go beyond such measures,

to levels unimagined and certainly unexpected.

There is a certain kind of mindset that gets one to such levels.

It is not something you are born with,

and it is not necessarily something that is tangible.

It just is.

This sense that,

hard work, dedication, perseverance, and tenaciousness will

guide one to rise above their challenges,

including the greatest barrier of them all:

one’s self.

We are all our biggest obstacle,

and if you learn how to have that obstacle become a

motivating force that catapults you forward?

Then you have learned something that

A great many never will.

Your legacy will then proceed you,

and you will be known throughout time,

as one of the greatest.


Until day 14 in half a day or so, goof night!


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