Changes: NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 14

Hello NaPoWriMo readers, and welcome back to another edition of 30 poems in 30 days. It is kind of hard to believe that we are almost halfway through this year’s challenge, and that is a fact that reminds us that this time of year, there tend to be a number of changes. Those changes are especially apparent if you are in school and graduating at any level of education, or if you are in post-school life and notice that the weather is doing a wonderful job of subtly changing the mood and/or feel of the year. That brings about our newest post to date, simply entitled “Changes”:

One day soon

and you really won’t know exactly when, unfortunately,

you will wake up,

blink a few more or few less times than normal

and have an epiphany that you can recall predicting,

though when exactly when you did so?

Is totally impossible to remember.

You have predicted the day in which

you understand that those life changes are here.

Waiting at the doorway, patiently waiting for you.

They are the most courteous unwelcomed visitors you may ever have.

And what’s worse is?

They won’t just visit you once, or twice.

They will visit you multiple times throughout your entire time

on the spinning marble of life.

They aren’t bad visitors, of course.

They are necessary.

They are inevitable because

Without these visitors,

you may never change your habits,

your daily routine,

and your best and worst actions that you thought

that you had thought out.

And that,

that is good.

Without change,

where you stand

where you sit,

where you inhabit and breathe today,

would also not be in its present existence.

So do your best to

take a deep breath,

realize that where you are at this moment is meant to be,

and that you can change

where and when

you have your next visitors,

and your next epiphany.


This poem is dedicated to everyone out there who is close to, or is contemplating making changes, or is in the process of doing so. Until tomorrow evening, good night.




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