Reflecting (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #15)

By Daniel Paiz

Somehow, some way it is already the halfway mark of National Poetry Writing Month. There are different kinds of reflections for different periods of time, but today’s focus is going to be a bit multilayered. Let me explain a bit more.

Whether you’re religious or not, this time of year does bring about a season of change, and also a series of events. Some of those events are seasonal, while others are cultural, depending on where in the world you are and what all you might practice. Good Friday means something to some, while Easter is the main focus for others; and still for others, just the shift from Winter to Spring is the focus. Thus, there’s ample reason for some reflecting to be going on right now.


Numerology, or coincidences,

it’s hard to tell,

whether or not you dive into space readings, or Gospel teachings,

figuring out the path ahead swells.

Cloudy thoughts and reflective moments,

regardless of if you chant or pray at all,

Sometimes noise cancelling headphones

can lead to the proper wherewithal.

Of what you might wonder?

well of growth or plunder,

asunder too often from ourselves as

one scrolls to avoid how one dwells,

spells we place on ourselves,

not prayers or mantras prescribed externally within,

to cut through the poetic flexing,

those orbital mirrors reveal what’s hidden.

Reveals what’s next for me,

should I subscribe to finding what works healthily,

this time the frequency is what I’m determining.

It’s important to learn from the past,

without detouring into one-way nostalgic realms,

and also avoiding living in the moment,

because for tomorrow that doesn’t bode well;

Balancing is the key to reflecting.


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