The Final Push…Day 22 NaPoWriMo 2016

After more technical difficulties, we are back to playing catch-up, and will continue to do so until we are all caught up. Sometimes, when you are towards the end of a project or a period of time that you have committed to do something, at times you can feel a stitch in your side. This is one of those times, where that final push needs to be made:

Running for days and days,

everybody glamorizes the image of the chase,

but no one ever divulges the fatigue and pain,

maybe that’s why they put up such a front,

so you don’t use inner effort issues as a crutch,

I have no problem of running purely on my gut,

but the body doesn’t always have the same plans the mind does,

so reconsidering the hustle is always on the mental,

but without doubt there’d be no push to live beyond a rental,

Degrees be like instrumentals,

you may have laid the bass but

moving beyond the interview round is a must,

don’t get stuck on the issues of who’s good and who’s corrupt,

without paying your bills

their actions are meaningless at helping you get unstuck,

so the final push is your metric,

don’t lose the perspective to finish it out tough.


Until the next post, we’ll see you next time.




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