Delayed NaPoWriMo Poem 2 of 7-Path Unravels

Welcome to poem 2 in this 7 part series, albeit a bit more delayed than expected. In this second installment of the 7-part poem, the reader should begin to see just how difficult it is to select a path, as well as how long one should stay on said selected path:

There are no coordinates that will tell you where you want to go,

no matter how much Disney wants you to listen to Sparrow.

Sometimes there are forks,

other times there are combs,


and outright ant nests that,

despite how visually stunning they may be to look at,

those varied paths offer you no direction in terms of where to go.

They are puzzles that this planet has set forth before us,

not because the earth has lost its temper with these pests that reside upon it

called humans, no.

But because like us,

it does not know what the future beholds.

Like us,

it does not truly know the answer to which path we are seeking,

to which journey we are needing,

and what adventure we are craving.

This is where paths need to become unraveled first in our minds,

so that our decision making reflects our vested interests,

and internal intentions over time.

Paths are often of course also trails blazed by others who,

long ago were stuck like us after just a stone’s throw.

There will be times when,

redirection is the mission to qualm internal sedition,

though at times rebellion is the only thing one can trust,

when one is force fed conflicting info, turning our innards into mush.



That will do it for part 2, look out for part 3 which will be written and put out soon.



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