Delayed NaPoWriMo Poem 3 of 7: First Encounter

Hello there again, after a bit of our routine hiatus, the momentum is finally there and it looks like posting will be happening a lot more often. Today, we start the 3rd poem in our 7-part series, and this one continues the journey that was started and continued in both poems 1 and 2. Enjoy the “First Encounter”, as follows:

When the difficult path has been traversed,

it at times can feel like a gift and a curse,

why, one asks, would the end of a journey prove rough?

Because first encounters with new beginnings is the stuff

that legends of revenge, better known as karma concoct,

where what you thought you had passed through and defeated

at times appears to have been for naught,

the past is a tricky voyage to navigate on one’s own,

so that first encounter with it after so much effort,

can feel like a blow.

But the good news is,

such encounters come with a new set of skills at your disposal,

tool-kits, weapons, and knowledge ready to be utilized for the removal,

of difficult, orchestrated, barriers laid to lead you to ruin,

outfox, run, and outmaneuver such ill-focused suitors.

Once such steps are taken and the first encounter made is exposed,

realize what has been accomplished,

but be sure to keep memory and knowledge of how the encounter found you,

and remember what you might’ve left to be exposed on such perilous roads.


That’s going to do it for part 3 of 7 for the delayed ending of NaPoWriMo 2016. Feel free to give feedback on this 7-part series, and until the next poem in this series, Peace.


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