Delayed NaPoWriMo 2016, Poem 4 of 7: Weathering the Storm

We have finally arrived into the middle of the 7-part piece, and this week should be when we also conclude it. If you haven’t already, make sure to start with Poem 1 here, and read the previous 3 poems before starting number 4, which begins below:  Delayed NaPoWriMo 2016: Poem 1 of 7-Greetings

Rain drops for the most part are like snowflakes,

Yet they fall so fast that the intricate beauty within each drop is missed.

It crashes to the earth, joining with millions of others of its kind.

It unites to shape some of the largest natural bodies that exist on this planet,

and yet if it weren’t for each particular drop, said bodies cease to be.

Believe that,

whether you are a drop that is consumed too early in life or,

one that becomes part of a stagnant mass of others like you,

there is good news to report from the above’s disappointing tort.

Rain and snow and all other types of precipitation appear to go through

some kind of cycle where,

the mode and form they take on

is only temporary.

The rain drop,

the run off combining with mud,

the acrid smell of stagnation or fermentation of pest life.

All washes away,

and begins again.

If one can weather the storm,

there current situation is not the norm.

One will not have to conform to struggles and shortcomings,

one will not have to continuously encounter unfavorable conditions,

and one will flow on to a more favorable transition,

if one but listens.

Weathering the storm is not what one is born to do,

but learning to persevere through such weather is.


That will do it for this poem, check back for the last three poems of this series. Also, be ready to check out some new articles that will be on the way very soon!


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