Why Snow Tha Product is what Hip Hop needs right now

There are a lot of albums coming out every week, with a number of emcees claiming to have bars, and claiming to be about their fans. Then there are artists like Snow Tha Product who, quite literally, meets pretty much all of her fans. That’s just how the “Stay Woke” flag bearer is with her fans, realizing that those in the crowd are the very individuals who are helping her take the steps she’s taking, and Snow is looking more poised than ever to finally breakthrough after years and years of perseverance, hard work, dedication, and consistently cutthroat rhymes. This then leads us to needing to further explain the original statement, which is why Snow Tha Product is what Hip Hop needs right now.

Snow THA Product In Concert
NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 05: Recording artist Snow Tha Product backstage at S.O.B.’s on August 5, 2015, in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

A number of artists, like Waka Flaka Flame, have stated in other words that Hip Hop is moving away from “clever” lyrics and instead is moving more towards entertainment, having fun, etc. While Waka makes a valid point, it’s a bit off-base. Numerous artists out there are fluidly delivering their own, real-life narratives while at the same time, delivering enjoyable and entertaining songs. If this weren’t the case, then Strange Music and Rhymesayers would not be doing as well as they are right now. Snow more so falls into this second camp as she can deliver witty, rapid-fire bars that contain her own narrative, while at the same time laying those rhymes over beats that more and more are occasionally sounding radio-friendly. It’s also been very consistent, if you compare an older track…

Snow Tha Product-Get That Money

…with a newer joint: Snow Tha Product-AyAyAy!

What should be noticed fairly quickly is that a narrative about portions of her life are evident in both, whether that’s working hard to build her funds, or having her mom put her to work despite what she’s telling her about not being about it. There’s an authenticity there that is missing a lot of the time in not just Hip Hop, but music in general these days. There is some difference between the songs in terms of her flow; however, this actually shows that not only has Snow kept her skills consistently on point, but she has further expanded her range to rhyming in Spanish flawlessly, as well as delivering a hook that could definitely be played on the radio. But, at the same time, the message from Snow is not lost, she’s not compromising anything in her music, and the authenticity still rings true. That’s where Hip Hop is lacking. It is perfectly fine to have songs and albums dedicated to the fun part of Hip Hop, the partying and having and good time and what-have-you; however, it’s important to remember that those parties in the park and jams in the rec rooms in apartment complexes were themselves acts of defiance, as Hip Hop came from a place of resistance. A place of authenticity. Artists that party and have a good time can absolutely be real and telling you like it is. It’s just….a lot of them aren’t doing so.


Hopefully you enjoyed learning more about Snow Tha Product and our views on her journey. If you have a different perspective on ANYTHING covered above, let us know in the comments section below. Until next time, Peace!





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