Incoming Landing (Day 28 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

After a turbulent ride with some harsh lessons as newbies to the scene, our Humanz have acclimated to their new world of being. But alas, while growth via a move is conducted to try and be new, sometimes the past can catch up with you:

Incoming Landing

Taking some time

to realize acceptance is an ongoing process,

and not one requiring others to like thoughts of your mind,

can that newfound peace leave at the blink of an eye.


Ignoring issues of your past

will only lead to being harassed,

because what was one little transgression,

has led to a blast making each breath your last.


Ships abound into the sky,

landing at each base to everyone’s surprise,

looking for one thing and one thing only:

where do the Humanz lay tonight?!?


Shouldn’t have blasted past those bits and pieces,

those were still alive and agonizing species,

that have found your worst enemies,

and come to bounty hunt for Grim of the deceased.


That acceptance has come to an end.




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