Behind The Scenes: February 27th update

The month of February has come and gone, and the updates still keep coming! In this Tuesday edition of Behind The Scenes, we sit down with Los Mocochetes for an intriguing interview with the Denver band who mixes Latin, cumbia, hip-hop, funk, rock and whatever else you want to throw in there.

This was a fun interview, and actually the first time we’ve actually had an interview with the group; previous coverage has been of a sold out show in Denver, as well as a couple of band practices.

Here’s just a sliver of what was discussed with the band:

A shout-out to the guys for this interview, they have a number of shows coming up as well in the coming months that will be an opportunity for you all to see what they’re about live.

As far as other updates go, interviews have now been completed with two bands and one writer. The clock is still ticking on hearing from a few other writers and people involved in the Denver scene, but we’re still holding out hope some of those folks will come through.

To give you a better idea of how things are progressing, here’s a brief rundown of the timeline so far.

January was reserved for brainstorming an idea and testing the waters with it. Once the idea of covering the loss of artistic spaces and its impact on Denver acts was ironed out, emails were sent out furiously to bands, writers, and folks impacted by the direction of Denver. Some acts responded, some never did, and a few people gave referrals to other people who responded.

February was a month full of interviews and unveilings. What you’re reading now, Behind The Scenes, was brainstormed just days before February 1st.


It has proven to be a helpful tool in holding oneself accountable, as well as keeping everyone interested up to date.

As far as March goes, it will be a month of editing, revision, and more editing. It will also be a time for any last minute interviews that might be needed to fill in any gaps that might arise during the editing process.

Once April hits, it is final revisions, and presentation time! That exclamation mark comes from a place of both fear and excitement. If everything goes well, paperwork will be signed, and a certain someone will be finished with their final project.

Anyways, make sure to tune in on Thursday, as a big announcement weeks in the making will be put out into the online world!


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